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NINJAGAILEEN is a variety streamer and PC gamer based in California's Bay Area. Her stream content consists of a diverse portfolio of games such as Among Us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Maplestory, Valorant, Fall Guys and much more. Alongside streaming you can get to know NinjaGaileen more in Twitch chats as well as her community on Discord.

By VISUALLY REVAMPING her existing brand by redesigning her logo, adding STREAM OVERLAYS and providing CUSTOM EMOTES & BADGES; this creative identity package provides a cohesive brand that represents her interests, personality and careers as an online streamer, lash technician and educator.

Untitled - April 15, 2021 22.37.jpg
Untitled - April 15, 2021 22.37 2.jpg

#F7C86D / Primary Color

#FBF480 / Secondary Color


#354653 / Secondary Logo color

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